With the end of 2019 almost here, we’re seeing lots of “best of the decade” lists, because not only do people love lists, but it’s a fun and simple way of making note of the films you missed out on this decade.

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While we’re all aware of the dominance of superheroes, the “Mad Max: Fury Road” and the “Blade Runner 2049” and maybe even some of the biggest U.S. indie darlings of the decade, you may not be familiar with films from south of the border. Some have won Academy Awards, while some never got the proper attention they deserve. The 2010s saw a surge in film production across Latin America, which saw a rise in prominence for directors like Pablo Larraín and Gabriel Mascaro. We also witnessed the emergence of new voices such as Jayro Bustamante and Issa López. Films from the region earned multiple awards and conquered jury and audience awards at many of the world’s top film festivals. To celebrate the end of the decade, the One Week Only Podcast has created a list of highlights from the most important Latin American films of the decade.

The video includes not only the more known and successful films like “A Fantastic Woman,” “Roma,” and “Wild Tales,” but even the lesser-known genre gems like the great werewolf-movie “Good Manners,” the smooth-talking crime drama “El Angel” and the horror film Guillermo del Toro won’t stop raving about, “Tigers Are Not Afraid.” There have been as many acclaimed and successful Latin American films as there are underseen and underappreciated ones, now that the decade is coming to an end, what better time to start catching up on some of the best films of the decade?

Watch the video below: