Looking like the most perverse episode of “American’s Next Top Model” ever, Nicolas Winding Refn‘s fashion world horror “The Neon Demon” is riding into the Cannes Film Festival surrounded by both expectation and curiosity. Will it be a more accessible, slick, pop treat like “Drive,” or take a more daring approach like “Only God Forgives“? Perhaps not even Refn knows, as he apparently made lots of changes in the midst of the production, which is not unusual for the filmmaker.

“As soon as something feels normal, we’re like, ‘That doesn’t work,’ ” star Elle Fanning told The Guardian from the set of the movie. “We don’t know how the movie’s going to end yet. Nic said: ‘I hate the ending’ and threw it in the trash.”

We’ll soon find out his solution to the conclusion as the film gears up to screen at Cannes tomorrow night, and will open in U.S. cinemas on June 24. And an early taste has arrived with the first clips from the movie which you can watch above.

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