Exclusive: 21-Minute Documentary About The Making Of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's 'More Revery'

No matter under which name you’ve heard his music — Will Oldham, Palace Brothers, Palace Songs, Palace Music — the prolific Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (his most familiar, and famous moniker) has carved out his own corner of the independent music scene with his highly original, evocative songs that would be reductive to call simply “folk music.” He’s a storyteller in the grand tradition of American songwriters, and his catalog is filled with treasures, some of which have fallen through the cracks. However, Temporary Residence is bringing back one of those gems.

In 2000, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy dropped More Revery, a release that was part of the Temporary Residence’s mail order series Travel In Constants. Issued as a limited edition CD, the album was recorded live, and sees Oldham covering songs by John Phillips, PJ Harvey, Bill Withers, The Renderers, John Holt, and Tim McGraw. His interpretations were inspired, and the release quickly became a favorite, but has not been available in any format since.

That changes with the reissue of More Revery which will arrive as a digital download and limited edition vinyl on May 1st, and features an alternate version of the entire album. And to help welcome the album back in the world, we’re proud to debut this 21-minute documentary about the making of the record, shot on Oldham’s family farm in Kentucky in 1999. It’s a great time capsule, so be sure to check it out above.