It has been one helluva year for Stephen King fans. On the film front they got “It,” “The Dark Tower,” “Gerald’s Game,” and “1922” while the small screen delivered “The Mist” and “Mr. Mercedes.” Now, what might be the most meta project ever involving the best-selling author is coming to Hulu with “Castle Rock,” and it looks like it’s going to be something really special for those who go deep on their knowledge of King.

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Featuring Andre Holland, Sissy SpacekMelanie LynskeyJane LevyScott Glenn, and Bill Skarsgård (yep, Pennywise himself) the show looks to link directly or indirectly to various King stories, with a likely emphasis on those that take place in the familiar Castle Rock, Maine. There are countless Easter Eggs to be found throughout, from the obvious (Spacek, who is Ruth Deaver in the series, played “Carrie“) to sly little hints like the Shawshank Department Of Corrections logo that closes things out. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what King and executive producer J.J. Abrams have conjured.

No release date for this yet, but “Castle Rock” will hit Hulu in 2018.