Acclaimed director Terrence Malick is back with “Song to Song” and now, fans can catch a glimpse ahead of its premiere at the 2017 SWSW Film Festival this Friday. Billed as a “modern love story,” the film is set against Austin’s eclectic music scene.

“You can say anything you want to me,” Ryan Gosling (who plays BV) tells Rooney Mara, in the clip from EW. “That’s the fun about me.” Caught up in obsession and betrayal, the two play lovesick indie rockers trying to make it in the Live Music Capital of the World. Gosling charismatic attempts to woo Mara is reminiscent of his Oscar-nominated performance as an aspiring jazz musician in “La La Land.”

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The second clip (via TrailerTown) features Michael Fassbender who plays Cook, a money-hungry music mogul. “We should do a record together,” Cook tells BV. “Don’t you want to make some money?” Thirsty for rock star success, Gosling responds by trying Cook’s sunglasses and jacket on for size, saying, “I bet there are a hundred jackets like that.”

In addition to its all-star cast, the film also includes cameos from Patti Smith, Iggy PopRed Hot Chili Peppers, Florence and the Machine, The Black Lips and Lykke Li.

“Song to Song” is set to hit theaters on March 17th.

  • ThisGuy01

    Interesting clips. Both of them have far more direct storytelling than either To The Wonder or Knight Of Cups did in their entirety I believe. Might be a more return to classical storytelling for Malick, but done through his own aesthetic of course.

    • knight of cups is a masterpiece if you watch it when you’re drunk