Dan Stevens Says There's Been Talks About A Sequel To 'The Guest'

Dan Stevens may have stolen everyone’s hearts with his show-stopping performance in “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga,” but his first big role after departing “Downton Abbey” was in the chilling thriller “The Guest.” Though the film wasn’t very successful at the box office, Stevens says hope is not lost for a “The Guest” sequel, and there have been talks about continuing the story.

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Forbes has the news, as they interviewed Stevens to talk about his role in Dave Franco‘s “The Rental,” before the conversation turned to Steven’s cult film. When asked if there was room for more “The Guest” in the future, Stevens said “We’ve certainly talked about it,” the actor confirmed. “I’d love to work with both Adam Wingard, the director, and [screenwriter Simon Barrett] again. Adam’s pretty busy with giant apes and monsters at the moment with ‘Godzilla vs. Kong‘. Simon and I have talked about many things. A sequel to ‘The Guest’ has come up.”

The thriller was made for $5 million, but it grossed $2.7 million. Despite this, the film has had long legs, and it has found life after leaving theaters. “Now that it’s back on Netflix again, it is having a huge revival,” Stevens said. “That, for me, is a kind of success in and of itself.”

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Indeed, Stevens recognizes the kind of lasting appeal “The Guest” has enjoyed. “For me, in the limited career, I’ve had so far, ‘The Guest’ has had the longest legs,” the actor explained. “People just this week, for whatever reason, are discovering it and messaging me and saying, ‘I can’t believe it took me this long to discover this film. It’s great.’ That’s really satisfying.”