The movie world is still reverberating with the news, long expected and now confirmed, that “The Girl In The Spider’s Web” is moving forward without David Fincher or the cast he assembled for “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” As one of our commenters recently asked, “Has there ever been an actress nominated for an Academy Award for a role and then the studio decides they don’t want her for the sequel?” However, for anyone familiar with with drama behind Fincher’s ‘Tattoo,’ they’ll know that producers Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin never wanted Rooney Mara for role, and it appears her growing fame and position as one of Hollywood’s finest actresses hasn’t changed that position. (And I can’t imagine Mara would be thrilled about reprising her role without Fincher either). But what does new Lisbeth Salander director Fede Alvarez think about all this?

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The filmmaker was asked point blank about the casting of ‘Spider’s Web’ on Twitter, and had a thoughtful reply (though, let’s be honest, the decision to dump the ensemble was probably made by people above his pay grade):

He does have a point, however, and Alvarez is probably more interested in making the world and characters of Stieg Larsson his own, rather than using pieces of someone else’s project. And I’m certainly interested to see what he does with the material.

“The Girl In The Spider’s Web” opens on October 5, 2018.

  • rnlol

    If you’re going to take on a sequel to someone else’s film then you usually have to deal with the fact that many of the pieces are already in place. What he’s saying is actually pretty disrespectful to other filmmakers, suggesting, for example, that James Cameron and Alfonso Cuarón neglected to do 50% of their job because they didn’t recast Ripley and Harry.

    • THX11384EB


      • i wish Jennifer Jason Leigh had played lisbeth at some stage

    • the late roger ebert wanted to cast edward norton and even rachel wood