There has been loose awards season chatter swirling around “The Disaster Artist,” because it’s a movie about the movies, which the Oscars love, and it’s pretty damn entertaining. So, A24 has dropped a new trailer that pivots in that direction… though, it’s really not representative of the film at all.

As you know James Franco directs and stars in the movie playing Tommy Wiseau, the man responsible for the cult classic disasterpiece, “The Room.” The film is certainly hilarious, but it’s also respectful of Wiseau, and is as much about the wild making of “The Room,” as it is about friendship, ambition, and against all odds, making something that has a lasting impression, good or bad.

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“….we can say that his sets are cheap and the lighting is terrible and the acting is ridiculous and the writing is horrible, but on the other hand, it’s endlessly watchable. How many Oscar winners do you watch over and over again 14 years later? For some reason, we watch ‘The Room’ over and over again. So undeniably, there’s something special about that,” Franco told Exclaim. “There’s something underneath. And — I’m being completely earnest right now — who’s to say that there’s not value to that? In a way, it checks off all the boxes of a piece of art: Tommy put a lot of passion into it; it’s very personal; and viewers get something out of it. And then on a success level, people watch it. I think it’s, by now, made a profit. So it’s sort of a success on all levels.”

Co-starring Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, and many more, “The Disaster Artist” opens on December 1st.