Finding Buried Treasure In The Depths Of Disney+ [The Playlist Podcast]

When you log into Disney+, you’re typically greeted by huge banners and ads for the latest, greatest releases from popular brands like Marvel Studios, “Star Wars,” Pixar, and whatever is coming out of Disney Animation. But what you might not see are the films and TV shows that lurk in the bowels of the streaming platform—hidden gems ready to be found and enjoyed. In this episode of The Playlist Podcast, we grab our gear and go spelunking through the depths of Disney+. 

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What discoveries did the intrepid hosts of the podcast find? Well, three pretty solid flicks that you might not realize are buried deep under those Avengers, laser swords, and talking toys. You might find a teen comedy from 1987 that is oft-overlooked as just another John Hughes ripoff but is actually Chris Columbus’ debut film and a worthy addition to the era, “Adventures in Babysitting.” Maybe you’ll even find an auteur’s left turn into the world of stop-motion animation, in the award-winning Wes Anderson film, “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” And what about the pre-cursor to “Captain America: First Avenger,” and the film that gave young superhero fans hope that perhaps the ‘90s would usher in a superhero film renaissance, Joe Johnston’sThe Rocketeer?” 

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We talk about these films plus a whole lot more in the full discussion below:

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