We know that Disney will go to great lengths to sanitize its history and library, especially when it comes to the launch of its streaming service. Don’t even bother trying to find “Song of the South” or some of the more culturally insensitive cartoons. But when it comes to the rest of the library, apparently Disney+ isn’t above some quick CGI to remove anything that might be deemed inappropriate, as with the romantic comedy, “Splash.”

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For those not familiar with “Splash,” the charming ‘80s rom-com follows a man (Tom Hanks) who finds himself falling in love with a mermaid (Daryl Hannah). While the premise sounds like it could be a little spicy (especially considering the R-rated Oscar-winner, “The Shape of Water”), “Splash” has largely been seen as a fairly tame outing, even sporting a PG rating when it was released back in 1984. But apparently, there’s one scene that was too hot to handle for Disney+.

In the scene, which you can watch below in both Disney+ (found by a Twitter user) and hardcore versions, Hannah’s mermaid character introduces herself to Tom Hanks, whom she just saved. Being a creature of the sea, Hannah is completely nude, with only her long blonde hair hiding the naughty bits. They kiss, and she runs off to the ocean, diving in and swimming away. And as she runs, her bare bottom is barely seen under her flowing hair.

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But Disney+ decided to add some more hair to Hannah, making her rear end appear…furry? Almost as if she was only partially rendered as a new character in “Cats but the process ended after her butt. This isn’t the first time that Disney inexplicably changed a film for its streaming service. We previously saw a scene changed in “Star Wars,” which puzzled fans for days and created a new meme.

You can watch the digitally-altered “Splash” on Disney+ now.

Here’s the new version of the scene:

The original version of the scene is below: