With production now underway, the casting of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” has been filling in its final gaps. Given that this is the third “Spider-Man” iteration in a decade, and that it’s only two years since the unfathomably terrible “Amazing Spider-Man 2,” we shouldn’t be as excited for Jon Watts’ film as we are.

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But aside from Tom Holland having been so good in his first appearance in “Civil War,” we’re looking forward to the film because of the excellent, often unexpected cast it’s been putting together. And another great performer’s just joined the film, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that Bokeem Woodbine has come on board the film, playing a bad guy.

Woodbine’s one of those omnipresent character actors who’s been doing sterling work for a long time in films like “Dead Presidents,” “The Rock,” “Ray” and “Riddick,” without ever quite getting the plum role he deserved. But that changed late last year, when Woodbine played the loquacious mobster Mike Milligan in the excellent second season of “Fargo.” The acting in that show is phenomenal in general, but Woodbine might have been the highlight, and it’s clearly leading to bigger and better things.

Woodbine joins Michael Keaton (widely believed to be playing The Vulture) and Logan Marshall-Green on the villainous side of things, but there are no details beyond that. Rumor has it that a bad guy called The Tinkerer would also fit into proceedings – that’s not been confirmed yet, but Woodbine could be playing him, he could be a secret figure from the Spidey rogue’s gallery, or he could be a more mundane villain. We’ll find out when the movie opens on July 7th, 2017.