One of Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets continues to move forward, as Disney has now added a filmmaker to helm Jared Leto’s upcoming sequel to “Tron.”

According to Deadline, filmmaker Garth Davis has been selected as the director of the upcoming (but not confirmed) “Tron” sequel that is set to star Jared Leto. Not much is known about the plot of the new sequel, but it will be the first “Tron” film since 2010’s “Tron: Legacy” and the third film in the franchise that dates back to 1982’s original feature. The new sequel is written by Jesse Wigutow.

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Davis is a fairly surprising selection to helm a “Tron” film. The filmmaker is probably best known for “Lion,” which was nominated for six Oscars back in 2017 including Best Picture. Davis then went on to direct 2018’s “Mary Magdalene,” which didn’t have the same critical acclaim but was a high profile indie starring Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix. This is obviously the largest project that he’s ever been attached to and his first foray into the world of big-budget blockbusters.

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And in terms of blockbusters, there aren’t many that are as difficult to predict as “Tron.” The original film was far from a massive hit back in the early-‘80s for Disney. The film did go on to receive a cult following and some street cred for being revolutionary when it comes to CGI work. This prompted Disney’s interest in rebooting the series with “Tron: Legacy,” directed by Joseph Kosinski. Much like its predecessor, ‘Legacy’ was not a huge hit at the box office but did also earn a cult following over the past decade. Now, Disney feels like the third time’s a charm with Leto ready to take the lead in the ‘Tron’ franchise and Davis behind the camera.

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Leto has been attached to ‘Tron 3’ for quite a while, dating back to 2017. Clearly, he has a vision for how to continue the series, but Disney has not been ready to rush into things with a sequel. That being said, after Disney reportedly scrapped a ‘Tron’ series on Disney+, it appears that the studio is ready to move forward once again with the franchise.

There’s no release date for ‘Tron 3.’