20 years ago, David Arquette was crowned the World Heavyweight Champion. Okay — it was just as a marketing stunt to promote his film “Ready to Rumble,” in which he starred as a wrestling-obsessed fan. But that stunt earned him the unofficial title of the most hated man in professional wrestling. Two decades later, Arquette is setting out to clear his name with the documentary, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette.”

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The actor does so by competing in 19 professional wrestling matches over the course of three years. The documentary covers it all, along with interviews with Arquette’s siblings Patricia Arquette, Rosanna, and Richmond Arquette. His ex-wife Courteney Cox and professional wrestler Ric Flair are also featured in the documentary.

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The documentary is co-directed by Oscar nominee David Darg and Price James. “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” is being distributed by Super LTD, which is Neon’s boutique distribution division. Super LTD has previously released Anthony Bourdain’s “Wasted: The Story of Food Waste” and the Oscar-nominated “Honeyland.” With an Oscar-nominee at the helm and Neon behind the documentary, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” looks like it’s shaping up to be an interesting watch.

Take a look at the official summary for “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” below:

Branded as the most hated man in wrestling after winning a highly controversial WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 2000, actor David Arquette attempts a rocky return to the sport that stalled his promising Hollywood career. Dangerously determined to redeem his reputation and reclaim his self-respect, Arquette will stop at nothing to earn his place in professional wrestling.

The documentary will be released in drive-in theaters on August 21 and available on VOD on August 28. Take a look at the new trailer for “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” below.