Giorgio Armani Reveals His "First Real Love" In New Cut Of Martin Scorsese's 1990 Short 'Made in Milan'

“Life is the movie and my clothes are the costumes,” designer Giorgio Armani says in Martin Scorsese’s documentary short “Made in Milan.” First debuted in 1990, short documentary will return for an exclusive premiere on WME and IMG’s Made-to-Measure channel, albeit in a 10-minute cut, that’s half the length of the original’s 20-minute running time (see the full version here).

M2M released the short online, ahead of Armani’s fall 2017 fashion show in Milan. With Scorsese’s meticulous attention to detail, the film gives an in-depth look into Armani’s early life and creative process. Unlike some of his peers, the Italian designer didn’t grow up rich. In the clip, Armani fondly remembers how his mother used to make clothes for him and his siblings. “We were the envy of all our classmates,” Armani says with a wistful smile.

The Italian designer also discusses the ways in which the city of Milan and the role of cinema impacted his work. Both are credited to influencing his designs and as a way of seeing things. Armani reveals that movies were his “first real love,” and hints at a different career that might have been if it wasn’t for fashion. “I would like to have been a director,” Armani says. “The passion is still in my blood.”

Scorsese is currently working on “The Irishman,” which hopefully will get made, despite some possible legal battles ahead. For now, enjoy this trip down memory to lane to one of his earlier, lesser seen works. [Pret-A-Reporter]