After what seemed like a flood of Stephen King-inspired projects being greenlit by studios, the past few months have been relatively quiet. Dare I say, too quiet. And just as we begin to think that Hollywood’s fascination with the iconic horror author is waning, Village Roadshow Pictures goes and begins development on yet another film based on a King novel, “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.”

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According to Deadline, Village Roadshow has hired writer Christy Hall to adapt the Stephen King novel, “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” for a feature film. The book follows the story of a young girl that gets lost in the Appalachian mountains after being separated from her mother and brother. All on her own, she relies on her little radio’s broadcasts of Boston Red Sox games for support, as she fantasizes about relief pitcher Tom Gordon saving her. Of course, this being a King story and all, it’s not just wild animals that she needs to worry about in lurking in the forest.

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Christy Hall is probably best known as the co-creator and producer of the recent Netflix series, “I Am Not Okay With This.” And if she’s able to bring the same sort of sensibilities from that show about a teenage girl to the King film, fans are in for a treat, as the Netflix series is really one of the better shows of 2020.

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Jon Berg of Stampede Ventures, Roy Lee of Vertigo, Christine Romero, the former wife of the late George Romero, and Origin Story’s Ryan Silbert are all producing. Lee, in particular, has experience with King adaptations, as he was a producer on the films “It: Chapter Two” and the recent “Doctor Sleep.”

There’s no expected release date set for “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.”