HBO Boss Will Talk With 'Mare Of Easttown' Creators About A New Season "In A Couple Of Weeks"

We now live in a world where a limited series event, such as “Mare of Easttown,” can tell a full, complete story and fans will immediately ask, “When’s the new season coming?” HBO put itself in a position to get these types of questions when “Big Little Lies” actually did return for a second season after the first limited series ended. And the ‘Mare’ fire is also being fueled by creator Brad Ingelsby and star Kate Winslet, who both seem excited about making more episodes. So, it makes sense when HBO boss Casey Bloys was asked, “When’s the new season coming?”

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Well, in an interview with Variety, the executive is optimistic that there could be more “Mare of Easttown” in the future, but nothing is certain yet. However, Bloys did provide a bit of a timeline, suggesting that a decision could be coming sooner than later.

“Brad and Kate and the producers are all talking to see if they think there’s a place to go,” Bloys said. “I think we’ll hear from them in a couple of weeks if they think that it’s a story worth telling, and they’re excited by. I’m excited to hear and see what they have to say.”

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Obviously, there’s more to the decision than just knowing if there’s a “story worth telling” or not. Contracts will have to be drawn up, and with all the attention and acclaim “Mare of Easttown” has received since its debut earlier this year, you have to imagine Ingelsby and Winslet are going to be looking for a bit of a well-deserved pay raise. That said, the folks at HBO would have to be out of their minds to not move ahead with Season 2 in an age where the Content Gods demand more

So, if you’re ready and excited for more adventures of Mare, you might just get your wish. And we might be hearing news in the near future. For those that haven’t seen the series, the entire first season of “Mare of Easttown” is available now on HBO Max.