Kate Winslet & 'Mare Of Easttown' Writer Brad Ingelsby Have Already Talked About Season 2 Ideas

Will HBO make another season of “Mare of Easttown?” It’s a question that has been asked numerous times since the acclaimed drama wrapped up its run weeks ago. But with prestige limited series, it’s not always a guarantee that we’ll see more, whether it’s because the talent involved doesn’t want to come back or because it just costs too damn much for the studio to make it happen. Well, it appears “Mare of Easttown” seems more likely than most to come back considering how Kate Winslet and writer-producer Brad Ingelsby talk about the possibility of Season 2.

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Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Kate Winslet and Brad Ingelsby talk about whether or not Season 2 of “Mare of Easttown” could become a reality. And though Winslet seems a bit superstitious about trying to replicate the success of Season 1, Ingelsby confirmed discussions have been happening between the two and he’s excited about where it might lead.

“Quit while you’re ahead,” Winslet said about the possibility of ‘Mare’ returning for another season. “That’s always been my hunch in life. Just walk away and leave it alone.”

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But in the profile, ‘Mare’ writer and showrunner, Brad Ingelsby, goes a bit further and doesn’t just tease a Season 2 but actually says he’s ready to get the ball rolling and he’d “love nothing more than to do it.” Ingelsby also said that he and Winslet have been discussing ideas for the new season, if it happens.

So, while it is still not confirmed and Winslet seems to be wary of making any declarations, it’s clear “Mare of Easttown” has been a bit hit for HBO and we all know that the premium network is quite keen on making sure limited series get a chance to continue if there’s a story to tell. (Just look at “Big Little Lies” for confirmation.)

For now, we just have to wait and see if Winslet will return to the role and continue the story of the unlikely hero.