A common trope in films and TV series (let alone life, in general) is that once you get married, your sex life is over. Well, the upcoming comedy film “Holly Slept Over” tackles that very issue by introducing a married couple to a wild, free-spirited woman who very well might be the solution to their woes.

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As seen in the trailer for “Holly Slept Over,” the story follows a married couple that is providing a place for the wife’s college buddy, Holly, to stay for a bit. However, before Holly arrives, the wife tells her husband that during those wild college years, the two of them hooked up several times. With that knowledge, the husband attempts to test the waters of maybe having a bit of a threesome with both Holly and his wife. And well, hijinks ensue.

The film stars Josh Lawson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Britt Lower, Erinn Hayes, and Ron Livingston. ‘Holly’ is written and directed by Joshua Friedlander. The filmmaker is making his directorial debut on the feature. Previously, he wrote the screenplay for the 1999 film “Suicide Blonde.”

“Holly Slept Over” arrives on VOD and Redbox on March 6.

Here’s the synopsis:

When Audra (Britt Lower, TV’s “Man Seeking Woman”) confesses to her husband (Josh Lawson, Bombshell) that she once had sex with Holly (Nathalie Emmanuel, TV’s “Game of Thrones), her college roommate, their lives take an exciting and unexpected turn. Holly’s surprise visit and undeniable charm enliven both Noel and Audra, sparking new insight into their relationship. A door opens for the three of them to experience something they never could have anticipated.