As you spend the weekend in loose pants regretting that third helping of turkey and all the fixins’, don’t forget that on Monday, November 28th at 12:01 EST, tickets for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” go on sale. And while there will be plenty of options to see the film at any multiplex in your neighborhood, you might want to hold out for watching the upcoming spinoff in IMAX on 70mm without 3D glasses weighing down your face — if it’s playing near you….

IMAX has revealed that only 13 locations around the country will be showing ‘Rogue One’ on the plus sized format. Granted, Gareth Edwards didn’t shoot any portion of the movie on IMAX cameras, but he did use the Arri Alexa 65, which is basically the digital version of a 65mm camera. So this will be one of few opportunities to see the finished result struck onto the film, in the full size intended.

Check out the locations below, and don’t worry if your nearest IMAX cinema isn’t listed. The 70mm prints of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” did manage to travel to other IMAX locations in the weeks and months following the film’s opening, so keep an eye on your local listings. Some new posters and images (via Empire) have also landed.

IMAX, US Space & Rocket Center
IMAX Dome, McWane Center

AMC Universal CityWalk Stadium 19 & IMAX – Universal City
Esquire IMAX – Sacramento
Hackworth IMAX Dome, The Tech Museum

IMAX Dome, Museum of Science & Industry

Blank IMAX Dome, Science Center Iowa

IMAX, Indiana Stare Museum

IMAX Theatre, Minnesota Zoo

OMNIMAX, St. Louis Science Center

Tuttleman IMAX, The Franklin Institute

Omni Theatre Fort Worth Museum of Science & History

Kramer IMAX, Saskatchewan Science Centrechirrut-baze-rogue-one bodhi-rogue-one rogue-one-krennic

Rogue One Rogue One Rogue One Rogue One