Listen To John Carpenter's Revised Theme For The Upcoming 'Halloween' In A Track From His New Score

John Carpenter is a name that is synonymous with “Halloween.” Not just the film either, but also the whole holiday. Not seen in any slasher films of its era, Carpenter wrote, directed, and scored his famous horror film, leaving an indelible mark on the franchise, as well as horror in general. And even more than the often-imitated plot or Michael Myers’ famous mask, the music, particularly the eerie theme, of “Halloween” is truly iconic. And since Carpenter signed on to score the new David Gordon Green-helmed reboot/sequel, fans have been anxious to hear what the horror master has up his sleeve.

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Now, with the release of the first track from the soundtrack, titled “The Shape Returns,” we hear just how Carpenter has updated his legendary “Halloween” theme. At first, you may not even recognize a difference, however, it’s clear that the composer has put a few tweaks and wrinkles into the new theme. Don’t mistake these changes as bad because 40 years later, there’s no denying that this music is still ridiculously creepy.

This new audio from the soundtrack should go a long way in giving fans of the classic film a sigh of relief. It appears that despite a terrible track record of bad sequels, the new “Halloween” seems to be not only a great sequel but a truly scary film, according to early reviews.

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Now, with the added bonus of knowing the music is going to stay relatively the same, there are plenty of reasons to believe that horror fans are in for a treat next month.

“Halloween” hits theaters October 19.