If you’re a fan of John Waters’ films, you know the filmmaker is not afraid of including some true gross-out humor when needed. The director made a name for himself based on his crude, offensive style that begs the audience to gag and be revolted. In fact, it’s quite clear that Waters revels in the idea that his films might at once make you laugh, while also making you sick. And with that in mind, The Criterion Collection has a treat for film fans in September.

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Announced as part of the Collection’s new Blu-rays that will be available in September, the month is highlighted by Waters’ own “Polyester.” The filmmaker’s first studio film, “Polyester” sees him collaborate with his muse Divine one more time. In the film, Divine plays Francine Fishpaw, a housewife with a keen sense of smell. The film is also known for having a scratch-and-sniff card, allowing viewers to smell exactly what is being shown on screen. And thankfully, the Odorama card will be included in the release of the film on Blu-ray.

But even though that’s exciting enough, The Criterion Collection has announced some other classics that will be joining Waters’ film in September. That month sees the final film by Ernst Lubitsch, “Cluny Brown,” finally get the Blu-ray treatment. Starring Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Jones, the 1946 film has been long unavailable on home video. Now, thanks to Criterion, “Cluny Brown” will get a new release, complete with a new 4K digital restoration.

Joining “Polyester” and “Cluny Brown” in the September Criterion releases are Ritwik Ghatak’s family tragedy “The Cloud-Capped Star,” Bill Forsyth’s offbeat small-town fable “Local Hero,” Charlie Chaplin’sThe Circus,” and Marco Bellocchio’s provocative debut film, “Fists in the Pocket.”