As we have seen over the past month or so, when creative people are locked indoors for long periods of time with no real opportunity to work, creativity flourishes. We’ve seen filmmakers make shorts, actors create new characters, and most recently, folks using dolls to recreate some of the best moments from one of the most classic films/plays in history— “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

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As seen in the new video posted by the Geffen Playhouse, affectionately retitled, “Geffen Stayhouse,” actress Kathryn Hahn, her husband, actor Ethan Sandler, and “their progeny” have recreated scenes from David Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross” using only American Girl dolls and assorted accessories. And in doing so, the family has created the very best pandemic diversion yet recorded.

If you’ve seen “Glengarry Glen Ross,” either on stage or on film, then you probably can imagine why children and adults using dolls to recreate scenes is a hilarious and fun idea. And if you haven’t yet experienced the film and/or stage production, you really should check it out and add it to the top of your quarantine watchlist. But even still, with no knowledge of Mamet’s work and no context, the video is still pretty incredible.

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Obviously, the production value is a bit low, but that only adds the abundance of charm. Somehow, with only toys you can purchase at the store, Hahn and her crew have been able to deliver a fairly faithful, all-female retelling. We fully expect more where that came from, especially considering most states have more than a month left, at least, of this self-isolation to go. No pressure or anything, but can we please have a full version of Mamet’s story? Please and thank you.

You can watch the excerpts below: