Kevin Feige Talks 'Venom' Success & Working With Sony To Bring The Character To The MCU

Venom: Let There Be Carnage” has been one of the biggest films of 2021, not only in terms of box office earnings but also with fan excitement. And while fans seem super amped on the film itself, with its somewhat silly tone and the introduction of fan-favorite villain Carnage, but also because of the post-credits scene, which hints at something folks have been dying to see for years. And in a recent interview, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige hints a little at what that might mean for the “Venom” franchise and the MCU.

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**Spoilers ahead for the post-credits scene for “Venom: Let There Be Carnage. You’ve been warned.**

Okay, so after Venom/Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) saves the day in ‘Let There Be Carnage,’ we are transported to an end-credits scene that takes place on an unknown beach. After relaxing on the beach, Brock goes to his hotel room where he talks to Venom, when some wild reality-altering shenanigans happen and it appears they’ve been transported to some sort of alternate universe. They immediately notice the TV, which shows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, hinting that maybe, just maybe Venom is officially now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and potentially, things are being set up for a confrontation between Spider-Man and the Lethal Protector. 

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Of course, when you speculate about Sony’s “Venom” franchise (which isn’t produced by Marvel Studios like the ‘Spider-Man’ films are) crossing over into the MCU, you can’t know for certain until you talk to head honcho, Kevin Feige. And in a new interview with Collider, Feige doesn’t necessarily talk about the end-credits scene specifically, but he makes it clear that since the success of the original “Venom” film in 2018, Marvel Studios and Sony have been working together to bring the character to the MCU. 

“You look at the obvious comic connotations between Venom and Spider-Man and it is inherent,” said Feige. “So the minute Sony made their ‘Venom’ movie and it worked as well as it did, and Tom Hardy became as iconic as he has become as Venom, then the obvious question is then, ‘How do we start to merge them?'”

Well, it just so happens “Spider-Man: No Way Home” features a story where realities merge and the multiverse is thrown into upheaval, leading to villains (and potentially other Spider-Men) from other universes coming to the MCU. And while it’s not explicitly said in ‘Let There Be Carnage’ that this is what causes the reality-changing mix-up, it’s clear this could be easily explained by the events of the upcoming ‘No Way Home.’ 

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Does this mean Venom will show up in ‘No Way Home?’ Probably not, right? There’s already so much going on in that film, why would you waste the introduction of Venom in the MCU to just a small cameo. The best thing to do would be to wait until there’s a chance to do a big Spider-Man vs. Venom film and allow for an entire feature to combine both characters in the MCU. So, while it’s obvious that Venom is now part of the MCU, let’s not assume we’ll see the full effects anytime soon.

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is available on VOD now and will hit Blu-ray on December 14.