Lena Dunham Thinks She Has A Way To Bring Back 'Girls' After Seeing The 'Sex & The City' Revival

Lena Dunham is a polarizing figure in Hollywood. Some people love her. Others despise her. One thing that is undeniable, however, is that she has been part of some projects with lasting legacies, primarily when you talk about her HBO comedy series, “Girls.” And years after that show has ended, Lena Dunham is taking inspiration from another HBO revival to see how maybe she can bring back “Girls” for a new story.

In an interview with THR, Lena Dunham talked about her upcoming Sundance film, “Sharp Stick,” as well as her self-imposed, sorta-kinda exile from Hollywood over the past several years since the end of “Girls” and the numerous PR issues she’s had in the meantime. Well, over that time, years have passed, and it appears Dunham thinks that there could be a good idea for a “Girls” reboot down the line, as a way to explore just how much time has passed since the show ended in 2017. Though maybe she’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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Dunham’s idea for a “Girls” reboot seems to stem from her love of the new “Sex and the City” revival, “And Just Like That.” 

“It was such a pleasure to see those women back together and to see them take on middle-age sexuality,” she said. “For me, those are women who can do no wrong.” 

According to Dunham, there have been some informal talks with HBO about possibly bringing “Girls” back with a new story, perhaps catching up with those characters as they enter a later stage in life. But don’t get so excited just yet, if you’re hoping for another round of “Girls” episodes. HBO isn’t fully sold on the idea.

“As proud of the show as we are, there aren’t any plans to bring ‘Girls; back. It’s great to know new viewers will continue to discover the [original] series,” HBO boss Casey Bloys said, in response to the idea of a “Girls” revival. 

Dunham added, “We all recognize it’s not time yet. I want it to be at a moment when the characters’ lives have really changed. Right now, everyone would just be wanting to see Kylo Ren.”

Kylo Ren is a reference to Adam Driver, who played the character in the “Star Wars” franchise but also starred in “Girls” in a decidedly different role. 

So, while Dunham has potential ideas for a “Girls” revival, we shouldn’t expect it to happen anytime soon.