Lightning McQueen Faces Retirement In The Full Trailer For Pixar's 'Cars 3'

Brave” was actually pretty successful (and better than most people think), “The Good Dinosaur” has its defenders, but the “Cars” franchise is among adult animation fans, by some distance, the least loved of all the Pixar movies. And rightly so: the 2006 original is sort of fun in places, while the second is a dull spy parody that leans far too heavily on Larry The Cable Guy’s Mater.

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But the films, while never among the studio’s highest grossers, remain enormously valuable to Pixar because of the billions and billions of dollars of merchandise that they help sell, and so this summer we’re getting a third. Can this be the one to win fans over and convince people that it isn’t just a cash-grab franchise? Or is it simply Pixar’s version of “Ice Age 3”?

Well, a full trailer just arrived, so you can make up your minds yourself with the most extensive look at the new movie so far. Directed by newcomer Brian Fee, and with Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Kerry Washington, Chris Cooper, Margo Martindale and Nathan Fillion joining the four-wheeled fun, we’ll find out if this is eminently skippable Pixar, or potentially a summer surprise, when the movie opens on June 16th.

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Cars 3 (2017) Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) and Sterling (voice of Nathan Fillion)