It feels like we already know everything about the upcoming “Bond 25.” With the director’s search taking an eternity and the status of Daniel Craig up in the air, we’ve been talking about this film for months. However, the truth is we don’t know anything about it, except that Craig will indeed return as 007 and the film will be directed by Danny Boyle. Well, thanks to a personal trainer, we now know a bit more.

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You may not know him by name, but Giacomo Farci is a personal trainer to the stars. Well, one star in particular – Mark Strong. And in a recent Instagram post, we see the British actor working out, which isn’t anything special. The real gold is found in the hashtags, where Farci alludes to the fact that Strong will have a part in the new James Bond outing, with #jamesbond, #bond25, and #007 to name a few. No, the video doesn’t tell us what role Strong might play in the upcoming film. All the video tells fans is that the actor has good form and breathes at the appropriate times.

Starring in “Bond 25” isn’t a stretch for Strong. He’s been in a number of high-profile, big-budget tentpole films, including superhero films like “Green Lantern” and the upcoming “Shazam.” He also is no stranger to the superspy genre, as a member of the titular group in “Kingsman” and the sequel “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”

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If Strong is going to be in ‘Bond,’ we can expect the announcement soon, as the 25th entry in the franchise is set to begin production in December. As mentioned, the film stars Craig and is directed by Boyle, based on a script from frequent collaborator John Hodge.

“Bond 25” will be released on November 8, 2019.

(Tweet added after original Instagram post was deleted)