Tom Cruise doesn’t do anything halfway. The actor is famous doing all his own stunts in his pursuit to give his fans and moviegoing audiences the ultimate bang for their buck. For “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation,” he famously hung off the side of plane and did a mindboggling swimming sequence that required him to hold his breath for minutes on end. That’s not to mention swinging around a Dubai skyscraper for “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol,” among his other feats. However, Cruise isn’t indestructible.

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Deadline reports that production on “Mission: Impossible 6” has been shut down following an accident during the filming of a stunt involving Cruise last week. Paramount hasn’t officially commented on the nature of the actor’s injury, but it’s said he suffered a broken foot or ankle, and that filming will be halted for at least nine weeks as they wait for him to heal up. This likely means that next summer’s planned release date for the movie on July 27th will most certainly get pushed back, though maybe Christopher McQuarrie can use the intervening weeks to edit what he has, and maybe still try and hit primetime summer slot once Cruise is up and running again.

Between this and a stuntperson dying on the set of “Deadpool 2,” it makes one wonder if Hollywood has an issue on their hands. That’s a topic for another news story, but it’s certainly food for thought. If you can stomach TMZ, you can check footage of Cruise’s failed stunt below.