New Trailer For 4K Restoration Of ‘The Lion In Winter’ Starring Katherine Hepburn & Peter O'Toole

The 1968 classic ‘The Lion in Winter’ is getting a 4K restoration this holiday season, courtesy of Studio Canal and Rialto Pictures. And any opportunity to catch the film on the big screen is something to be thankful for.

Set in 1183, “The Lion in Winter” tells the story of King Henry II (Peter O’ Toole) and his imprisoned wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine (Katharine Hepburn), as they struggle to agree on which of their three sons should inherit the throne. There’s adultery, scheming, a potential war for England, and it’s all set at Christmas, which should make us all feel a little better about our own post-election holiday meals with family.

The beloved film garnered Academy Awards for Hepburn’s incredible performance, James Goldman who wrote the play and adapted it for the screen, and composer John Barry‘s great score.

If, like me, you had never seen the trailer before, it’s a treat. The spruced up promo is a reminder of how much film trailers have changed in the past 50 years, and it’s interesting to see a trailer that “introduces” world-famous actors like Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton, who both play Henry and Eleanor’s sons.

Act fast, and you can still get tickets to one of New York Film Forum’s showings of the film, which will play 3 times a day from December 16 — 27, and Los Angeles’ Numark from December 16 — 24. More dates around the country to come.