'Nosferatu': Aaron Taylor-Johnson Joins Robert Eggers' Vampire Remake

After a string of delays, Robert Eggers‘ next feature, his “Nosferatu” remake, is currently in production in Prague. That’s great news, considering, at one point, many thought the film wouldn’t ever move ahead. And now, a new cast member joins Lilly Rose-Depp, Bill Skarsgård, and Nicholas Hoult in the Czech Republic for the upcoming film.

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So who’s the latest to join the ensemble?  Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who adds Eggers’ pic to his intriguing list of upcoming films. Taylor-Johnson also has the Spidey-Verse movie “Kraven The Hunter” and “The Fall Guy” on the way. The actor joins the cast listed above, as well as Emma Corrin and Eggers regular Willem Dafoe.  Simon McBurney and Ralph Inseon also star in the film. But who does Taylor-Johnson play in “Nosferatu”? That’s not clear yet.

Egger’s next film reimagines F.W. Murnau‘s German Expressionist classic, with Depp playing a young woman in 19th-century Germany stalked by Skarsgård’s vampire. As Nosferatu pursues his prey, he brings pestilence with him, but also the repressed energies of the era.

Focus Features releases “Nosferatu” stateside, with Jeff RobinovJohn Graham, Eggers, Chris Columbus, and Eleanor Columbus producing.  

It’s a lifelong dream of Eggers’ to remake “Nosferatu” and, thankfully, for him and his fans, he finally gets his wish. Let’s hope the film becomes the classic remake it has the potential to be.