Oscar Isaac To Star In Political Superhero Film 'The Great Machine'

Fresh off his time in the “Star Wars” universe, it appears that Oscar Isaac might be stepping into another possible franchise, this time as the lead in the upcoming film “The Great Machine.”

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According to THR, Isaac is set to play the role of Mitchell Hundred in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the comic book series “Ex Machina,” titled “The Great Machine.” If that last sentence confused you, here’s likely why: Yes, Isaac previously starred in a film called “Ex Machina.” No, this isn’t a sequel. Yes, the film is based on a completely separate story called “Ex Machina, but to avoid confusion, Legendary has decided to rename it “The Great Machine.” Got it? Good!

Isaac will portray a former superhero with the superpower that allows him to “speak” to machines. He utilizes this ability to come up with various gadgets and whatnot that help him fight crime, including helping during the 9/11 attacks. Due to his bravery during that time, Hundred becomes the Mayor of New York City. But that’s when all the craziness really begins.

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“The Great Machine” comes from writers Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel, who wrote the recent drama “Seberg.” As mentioned, the film is based on the comic book series from writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Tony Harris. Vaughan is a former TV writer on series such as “Lost” and “Under the Dome.” He is also the man who co-created the comic book that inspired the upcoming FX series “Y.”

Isaac is next going to be seen in the upcoming sci-fi adaptation “Dune” from director Denis Villeneuve. He’s set to begin production soon on the new film from Paul Schrader titled “The Card Counter.” So, it’s unclear when production on “The Great Machine” might begin.