‘Out Of The Blue’ Trailer: Neil Labute’s Toxic Look At Romance Stars Diane Kruger, Ray Nicholson & Hank Azaria

It’s been something of a minute since we heard from former provocateur and playwright turned filmmaker Neil LaBute. His last film was 2015’s “Dirty Weekend,” a film we described as kinder and gentler than some of the previously more blistering works that earned him a reputation of something of an enfante terrible.

While LaBute has been keeping himself busy writing—he’s written episodes of the upcoming “American Gigolo” TV reboot—he’s finally returning with his first feature-length film in seven years. Titled “Out Of The Blue,” the movie is full of romance, pain, and torture and stars Diane Kruger, Ray Nicholson, Hank Azaria, and Chase Sui Wonders. The drama tells the story of ex-convict Connor, played by Ray Nicholson, who dives head first into his new relationship but gets more than what he bargained for, with an abusive husband stopping him from being with his trophy wife. Here’s the official synopsis:

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After spending time in prison following an assault charge, Connor Bates now works in a library and spends his free time running, swimming, and trying to piece his world back together. When he meets Marilyn Chambers, the wife of a wealthy businessman, they collide into an intense physical and emotional relationship that quickly escalates into idle talk about her husband’s murder.

Jack Nicholson’s son Ray will star in his first romantic leading role. Nicholson had previously starred in movies like “Benchwarmers” and “The Outsider.” Ray will also star in the upcoming “Gonzo Girl” film with William Dafoe.

LaBute is best known for the scathing misogynist film “In the Company of Men,” based on the play he himself wrote. The controversial movie won 11 awards between 1997-1998, including the 1997 Sundance Film Festival top prize and the 1997 New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

We digress, “Out Of The Blue is available in theaters, on Digital, and On Demand, on August 26th, 2022. Watch the first trailer below.