It’s been years since we last heard about the sequel to the best time-travel film of the past decade, “Source Code,” but writer Ben Ripley isn’t ready to move away from mind-bending sci-fi just yet. Netflix is reportedly teaming up with Ripley for a new film titled “Parallel” about — you guessed it — parallel universes.

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The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on Netflix picking up the sci-fi spec script by Ben Ripley, with the current title “Parallel.” The project is produced by Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich‘s Rideback productions, who were behind the Oscar-nominated Netflix drama “The Two Popes,” while Rideback’s Nick Reynolds is set to executive produce.

The project is being described as a sci-fi heist story taking place across parallel universes, and involves “a man and woman who traffic in high-end crimes in parallel universes suddenly meeting, a development that threatens their boss. Determined to outrun their fates, they fight across these different realities to find one where they can both survive and be together.”

Now, that premise sounds bonkers enough to maybe, potentially work, and combining a sci-fi premise with a heist film is all the rage right now. Just ask Zack Snyder‘s upcoming “Army of the Dead,” or the underrated “The Hurricane Heist.”

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There’s currently no director or cast attached to “Parallel.” As for Ripley, he came into the spotlight with his script for the stellar time travel thriller “Source Code,” which Ripley also wrote on spec and earned him a spot on the 2007 Black List of best unproduced screenplays back in 2007. Sadly, he also wrote the disappointing script for the awful “Flatliners” sequel, so your mileage may vary. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ripley’s most recent project is a sequel to “Air Force One” that is in development at Sony and Beacon Pictures.