'Justice League' Ray Fisher Says Only One Cyborg Scene Shot By Zack Snyder Made It To The Theatrical Cut

As Zack Snyder‘s cut of “Justice League” undergoes re-shoots, it will soon become clear just how much the theatrical version resembles Snyder’s original vision. In the meantime, we have at least some idea of how much of the original footage made it to screen, as actor Ray Fisher reveals that only one single scene featuring Cyborg was not reshot by Joss Whedon.

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The news comes from the Greek House Show podcast, where Fisher addressed just how extensive Whedon’s reshoots were and how much they altered the character of Cyborg. According to Fisher, many scenes that were already shot by Snyder were reshot to be as similar as possible, which makes it a bit hard to know which ones were originally there, but he still knows how much of Cyborg remained the same.

“What I can tell you from my character, and for what you saw in the theatrical version, that every single scene with the exception of the Gotham City police rooftop scene with Commissioner Gordon and Batman and Flash,” Fisher said. “Every single scene that I’m in was reshot. I reshot almost the entire film on my end. As far as other people’s stuff where I wasn’t there, I can’t really tell you.”

Cyborg’s role in the film was one of the first big changes fans noted when “Justice League” was released in theaters in 2017. Several scenes from the trailer itself were cut in the final film, but now it appears that there were heavier changes made for the theatrical cut.

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Thankfully for fans, they won’t have to wait long to see how Cyborg’s story was supposed to go. Snyder himself already stated that he won’t use “a single frame” from Whedon’s reshoots for his version of the film, and even promised to “blow that fucking thing up” rather than using Whedon’s footage.