Earlier this year, Ray Fisher began his very public war with Warner Bros. after the actor went to social media to accuse Joss Whedon, Jon Berg, and Geoff Johns as being involved in abusive behavior during the reshoots on “Justice League.” Exact details were never revealed, and an investigation is ongoing with Warner Bros. However, the timing and the lack of information has raised more than a few red flags with folks wondering why Fisher was waiting until now to talk about something that happened years ago. Well, according to a new report from The Wrap, there might be a very obvious reason why Fisher is coming forward now.

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The report claims that the initial accusations again Joss Whedon, which arrived in June, were timed just as WB offered Fisher a role in the upcoming film, “The Flash.” Anonymous insiders tell The Wrap that Fisher was upset with his offer of a cameo in the Ezra Miller-starring film and was hoping for more of a supporting role. The inference being that because of this displeasure, Fisher exposed the misconduct on the set of “Justice League.” A sort of sour grapes retaliation, if you believe the report.

Of course, we can’t talk about this without discussing the ongoing battle between Fisher and Warner Bros. that has only gained momentum in recent weeks. When it was announced that WB was hiring an independent group to conduct the investigation, everyone (including Fisher) was pleased with the news, hoping that the truth will be discovered. But then the studio released a statement accusing Fisher of impeding the investigation and avoiding speaking to the investigators. Fisher rebutted by saying that WB is trying to begin a smear campaign and discredit his accusations by insinuating that he’s avoiding answering questions.

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It’s a very messy back-and-forth between an actor that doesn’t have the star power of someone like Jason Momoa (who has voiced his support for Fisher) and a studio that doesn’t want their superhero cinematic universe tainted further by accusations against filmmakers and prominent producers. And since it’s playing out in a very public way, with The Wrap’s report only fueling more speculation and headlines, fans are left not knowing what the hell is actually going on.

In short, it’s a shitshow. But a shitshow that has no end in sight. So buckle up. Fisher didn’t directly dispute The Wrap’s report, but he did take to social media to call it “trash.”