'Replicas' Teaser: Missing Sci-Fi Film From Keanu Reeves Is Supposedly Still A Thing But Not How You Remember

Replicas” is a film you might have heard about, but probably have already forgotten. Even though the first trailer was released back in October 2017, it took Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures (terrible name, by the way) a full year to follow-up the trailer with a…teaser? Yes, that’s right. For some reason, the Keanu Reeves film that we talked about a year ago, which premiered with a full trailer went missing for a year and is now back with a shorter teaser. But that’s just the beginning of the weirdness surrounding this movie.

“Replicas” is a film where Reeves doesn’t kill people like we have come to expect from the actor. Instead, in a shocking turn of events, the “John Wick” star plays a neuroscientist apparently attempting to make a full digital replication of the human brain to put inside the body of a robot. Well, at least that’s what the 2018 teaser that was just released explains. But when you look at the trailer from 2017, it’s almost as if its two different films.

Sure, the robot from the new teaser appears briefly in the 2017 trailer, but the old footage painted a completely different picture of the film. In that trailer, Reeves plays the same neuroscientist. However, the plot seems to be about human cloning and how he applied that research to his dead wife and kids, with the authorities cracking down on his seemingly illegal research.

So, which film can we expect? Is it an “I, Robot”-esque thriller about a killer robot with a human brain? Or perhaps it’s the film about a scientist using illegal research to clone his family? Honestly, it feels like a trick question because we don’t even know if this film will actually ever be released. When the 2017 trailer hit, it said “Coming Next Year.” Well, we’re officially next year, and this 2018 teaser ends with “Coming Soon.” Maybe this is some sort of long-con where a studio teases a film that will never come out. Or maybe it’ll just randomly appear on VOD.

Either way, I’m confused. How about you?

For comparison’s sake, here’s the trailer from 2017: