If you open up any social media app, the discussion is likely about two things—the COVID-19 pandemic and Netflix’s Tiger King.” Since people are only willing to talk about a global virus that is killing thousands of people around the world for so long, naturally, everyone is going to eventually discuss the weird, bonkers story of Joe Exotic and the cast of characters in the new docuseries that is taking over the world. And since Hollywood sure does love the idea of taking whatever is popular and making money off it, you better believe that actors, such as Rob Lowe, are lining up to produce their very own “Tiger King” adaptation.

According to Instagram, Rob Lowe has decided that he’s going to spend part of his self-isolation by dressing up as Joe Exotic and posing for some “Tiger King”-esque pictures. And not only that, he let fans know that he’s working with superstar producer Ryan Murphy on their own version of a “Tiger King” adaptation.

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In the caption for his pictures, Lowe wrote, “Ryan Murphy and I will be developing our version of this insane story. Stay tuned!”

Rob Lowe is an actor that has appeared in huge films and TV series dating back four decades. So, his pedigree speaks for itself. As for Murphy, people probably know him best as the man who created series such as “American Crime Story,” “American Horror Story,” “Glee,” and the recent Netflix series, “The Politician.” Basically, he’s one of the few producers in the world that can do just about anything he wants.

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Interestingly enough, Murphy also has an exclusive deal with Netflix, which may give him the inside track to get a “Tiger King” adaptation off and running. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that Lowe called the project “our version of this insane story,” which does lead one to believe that Murphy and the actor are perhaps looking at a “ripped from the headlines” version, instead of a true adaptation of the story. Maybe we could be looking at Rob Lowe starring in “Panther King?” Or maybe “Lion King?” Oh wait, that won’t work.

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No matter what, this is clearly one of about 1,000 “Tiger King” adaptations that are being worked on while in quarantine. You’d have to be completely dull to not realize that “Tiger King” is ripe for adaptation. The eventual series/film/play/rock opera writes itself!