If you didn’t listen to the “S-Town” podcast, then stop what you’re doing and listen immediately! The podcast is from Serial and This American Life and tells an incredible story about a man living in a town he hates, and what happens when he invites a journalist to come investigate a murder. What starts as a simple true crime podcast turns into a character study of a man unlike anyone else you’ve probably met.

The story is so good that Participant Media has just acquired the feature film rights to the story, and they’re bringing some A-list talent to the production. Deadline is reporting that director Tom McCarthy and playwright Samuel Hunter have been tasked to adapt the podcast for the big screen.

McCarthy is perhaps best known for his work on the critically-acclaimed film, “Spotlight,” but also directed “The Station Agent.” Most recently, he directed two episodes of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why.” He’s earned a total of 3 Academy Award nominations, winning one for his screenplay for “Spotlight.” He was also nominated for Best Director that year.

Hunter is an award-winning playwright, and will be making his feature film writing debut with “S-Town.”

There’s no word yet on the cast, and again, if you’re familiar with the story of the podcast, you know that the lead role isn’t going to be the easiest thing to cast. However, if they nail it, the film could be great.

Participant Media recently released the critically-acclaimed doc “RBG” about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That film has surprised many with its box office legs and is going to be followed up by a Ginsburg film called “On the Basis of Sex,” with actress Felicity Jones playing the famous judge.