The journey to bring Bong Joon-Ho‘s “Snowpiercer” to the small screen has been slow and steady. It was in late 2015 that it was first revealed the sci-fi flick would be getting the TV treatment, and a full year passed before the project landed at TNT with a pilot order. Now, the creative team is assembling, and it’s certainly intriguing.

Hamilton” star Daveed Diggs will take a leading role as Layton Well, a prisoner struck in the back-end of the class-divided train that contains the remnants of human civilization. The Chronole-sniffing Layton will join the resistance that looks to change the power dynamics on the Snowpiercer.

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Josh Friedman (“Avatar 2,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles“) is writer and showrunner on the series, but perhaps the most interesting decision is having Scott Derrickson lined up to helm the pilot. The director recently scored a big smash hit with Marvel‘s “Doctor Strange,” but has a number of horror pics to his name including “The Exorcism Of Emily Rose,” “Sinister,” and “Deliver Us From Evil.” It’ll be interesting to see what tone the series takes as it heads to the small screen.

It’s worth remembering we’re still just at the pilot stage, and it’s very possible it doesn’t get much further. But so far, everyone involved has been taking their time, it seems, to try to get it right.