Sean Penn's 'Flag Day' Gets A Music Video Collaboration Between Eddie Vedder & His Daughter

Flag Day” isn’t just a father-daughter story on screen. It’s also a father-daughter story off-screen, as it stars both Dylan Penn and her father, Sean Penn, the latter of which also directs the awards-contending feature. So, it makes sense that the first single from the “Flag Day” soundtrack is also a father-daughter experience.

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“My Father’s Daughter” is a song featured in the upcoming film, “Flag Day,” which tells the story of a daughter who is amazed and adores her charismatic father. However, the problem is that her father is actually one of the most notorious counterfeiters in the US. The new song is performed by Olivia Vedder, who has a last name that might ring a few bells for music fans. That’s right, Olivia Vedder is the daughter of Eddie Vedder, legendary musician and lead singer of Pearl Jam.

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Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard wrote the new single. The latter artist is probably best known as the musician who starred in the award-winning romantic indie music film “Once” and co-wrote all the music. That film earned Hansard an Oscar for Best Original Song for the single “Falling Slowly.” The “Flag Day” soundtrack also features Hansard and Vedder collaborating throughout, plus new music from Cat Power (see those details below).

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“Flag Day” arrives in select theaters on August 20. You can watch the music video for the new single from the soundtrack below.

Here’s the synopsis:

Jennifer Vogel’s father, John, was larger than life. As a child, Jennifer marveled at his magnetizing energy and ability to make life feel like a grand adventure. He taught her so much about love and joy, but he also happened to be the most notorious counterfeiter in US history. Based on a true story, and directed by Sean Penn, Flag Day stars Penn and his real-life daughter Dylan Penn in an intimate family portrait about a young woman who struggles to rise above the wreckage of her past while reconciling the inescapable bond between a daughter and her father.

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See the tracklist for the “Flag Day” soundtrack below:

“My Father’s Daughter” (performed by Olivia Vedder)
“Flag Day” (performed by Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder)
“I Think of Angels” (performed by Cat Power)

“Tender Mercies” (performed by Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder)
“Rather Be Home” (performed by Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder)
“I Am a Map” (performed by Cat Power)
“As You Did Before” (performed by Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder)
“There’s a Girl” (performed by Olivia Vedder, Glen Hansard, and Eddie Vedder)
“I’ll Be Waiting” (performed by Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder)
“I Will Follow” (performed by Cat Power)
“Wave” (performed by Glen Hansard and Eddie Vedder)
“Drive” (performed by Eddie Vedder)
“Dream” (performed by Cat Power)