Normally, when the folks at Screen Junkies lampoon a film for the hugely popular Honest Trailers bit, those movies are already pretty terrible (“Venom”), or, at the very least, the ridiculed films are too popular to pass up (“Avengers: Endgame”). But with the latest Honest Trailers entry, the Screen Junkies have decided to tackle a film that is often regarded as one of the very best ever — Stanley Kubrick’sThe Shining.”

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So, how can you poke fun at one of the most iconic horror films of all time? Well, apparently, you talk about how boring it is and how the plot of the film might not make the most sense. The Honest Trailer points out that the film is indeed two-and-a-half-hours, and while that isn’t the longest film in existence, the pacing is deliberately slow and doesn’t really fit the modern definition of a horror film.

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Also, Screen Junkies points out that the plot, which involves one man bringing his family to a haunted hotel to finish a book, doesn’t really make a lot of sense, unless Jack Torrance actually didn’t like his family to begin with and was willing to attempt to murder them just to avoid writing more chapters for his novel.

Overall, it’s clear that the Screen Junkies didn’t have a ton to work with when making fun of “The Shining.” It’s difficult to make fun of something that is pretty much immune to a lot of criticism. But hey, you need clicks and “Doctor Sleep” is coming to theaters soon. So, yeah, you poke fun at Stanley Kubrick with a bit of sarcasm and some silly voices.

You can watch the Honest Trailer below: