Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein continue to rack up acclaim and admiration for their soundtrack to Netflix‘s summer sensation “Stranger Things.” The duo’s musical accompaniment to the supernatural series wraps the already ’80s inspired show in even more nostalgic texture. It’s one of the best things we’ve heard so far this year, and the wealth of music Dixon and Stein created for the show hasn’t wasted time in getting released.

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Last week, “Stranger Things Vol. 1” was released digitally (listen to it here), and that has been followed by the staggering, 39-track ‘Vol. 2.’ It’s more of the synth powered vibes, moody moments, and chilling tenors the pair have concocted, and it’s definitely must listen material.

‘Vol 2.’ is now available digitally, with the CD arriving on September 23rd. Tune up and dive in below.