As the Craig Or Not Craig rumors and speculation continue to swirl about who will lead the next James Bond movie, we can now start talking directors. And while there have been calls to recast 007 as a woman, it will take a while for that happen. But a female director? That would certainly be very 2016, and a name has surfaced.

According to Radio Times (so, grain of salt and all that), Susanne Bier is a “leading contender” to direct the next Bond movie. She makes a perfect fit mostly because she directed internet favorite Bond candidate Tom Hiddleston in the acclaimed limited series “The Night Manager,” which featured no shortage of spy intrigue. So it’s a seeming match made in heaven, but as always, temper those expectations. And while you might think Bier doesn’t have the blockbuster experience to handle a Bond movie, neither did Sam Mendes when he was hired. These kinds of movies have well-oiled stunt and effects teams that can help directors get up to speed fast.

The British weekly also tosses more names into the mix for both the lead role of James Bond, and possible directors. They say that Damian Lewis, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy are candidates to star, with Christopher Nolan and Danny Boyle “in the frame” to helm the picture. Before you get too excited about Nolan, while he has expressed interest in making a Bond movie, and has cited the franchise’s influence on “Inception,” I still don’t see him doing it unless he has total creative control. And given how many expected beats he’d have to hit, product placements to consider and more, I just don’t see it happening. As for everyone else mentioned? Sure, why not.

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