Musical biopics are notoriously difficult to make, usually because it involves getting tangled web of parties — the artist’s estate, music rights holders, and more — to all get on the same creative page. However, Elton John is clearing up any such potential dust-ups by producing his own biopic “Rocketman.” That said, locking down a leading man isn’t always easy, and the film has made a switcheroo.

A few years back, Tom Hardy was the eye-brow raising choice to play Elton John, but he’s now been replaced by “Kingsman: The Secret Service” star Taron Egerton. The film was supposed to start shooting in 2014, but Hardy isn’t exactly a gifted singer, and things never got going. However, with John featuring in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” which stars Egerton and is directed by Matthew Vaughn (a producer on “Rocketman”), the stars seem to have aligned. Not only that, apparently Egerton is a quick, musical study.

Dexter Fletcher, who helmed Egerton’s feel good sports dramedy “Eddie The Eagle,” will direct “Rocketman,” from a script by Lee Hall (“Billy Elliot,” “War Horse“), which covers John’s childhood, musical partnership with Bernie Taupin, his rise to fame, and becoming a legend in the face of various controversies.

No word yet on when filming might begin, but it looks like “Rocketman” is ready to take off again. [Baz Bamigboye]