Last month, you could probably hear the Earth tilt on its axis as Disney maneuvered at Star Wars Celebration Europe to reshape the rumors that were spreading like wildfire about the extensive reshoots on “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Not only did they bring the entire cast of the film to the carefully choreographed publicity event, but also Gareth Edwards, giving the impression that all was hunky dory between the studio and the director. But there were two significant faces who didn’t drop by: Tony Gilroy and Simon Crane, who were reported in June to be “assisting” on the reshoots, with Gilroy also doing rewrites. However, it looks like he’s been doing even more.

We’ve heard rumblings of this ourselves, but according to Deadline, Gilroy has actually been taking the lead on the reshoots, not Edwards.

“… they keep news about ‘Star Wars’ locked up like Fort Knox, but I heard on those ‘Rogue One’ re-shoots, it was Tony Gilroy behind the camera and not Gareth Edwards,” Mike Fleming said in a talk with Peter Bart.

Indeed, it has been hard to suss out just how much input Edwards has had as ‘Rogue One’ has clearly been reworked, with weeks worth of new shooting. Certainly, Disney and Lucasfilm want to present him as the single voice behind the camera, but clearly there were more people involved. But in fairness to Disney and the filmmakers, ‘Rogue One’ still looks kinda awesome, no matter what the behind-the-scenes wrangling.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” opens on December 16th. Check out a new TV spot below (via The Disney Blog).