Netflix is normally in the business of “rescuing” canceled series and reviving them for a new audience. But in the case of “Tuca & Bertie,” Adult Swim is here to take the canceled Netflix series and add it to an already stacked animated line-up.

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According to Variety, Adult Swim has ordered a 10-episode second season of the animated series, “Tuca & Bertie,” that is aiming to premiere sometime next year. The critically-acclaimed series is created and produced by Lisa Hanawalt, of “Bojack Horseman” fame, and follows the story of two 30-something birds that deal with all the absurd situations that humans are thrown into but with the added hilarity of a world filled with anthropomorphic animals.

“I’ve been a fan of Adult Swim shows since my teens, so I’m thrilled to bring my beloved fowl to the party and be a new voice for a fresh decade of absurd, irreverent, yet heartwarming adult animation,” said Hanawalt.

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“Tuca & Bertie” features the vocal talents of Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong in the lead roles, along with an incredible supporting cast that includes Steven Yuen, Nicole Byer, Richard E. Grant, John Early, Reggie Watts, Tig Notaro, Amber Ruffin, Jermaine Fowler, and Tessa Thompson.

One interesting wrinkle to this news is the fact that the distribution rights to the series is now bound to be split amongst Netflix and Adult Swim. The report claims that Netflix retains the rights to the first season of the series, while Adult Swim has the rights to Season 2. However, with Adult Swim programs getting prime placement as part of HBO Max, we’ll likely have a case where two major competitors are sharing different seasons of the same series. That’s definitely not going to be confusing for anyone. Nope, not at all.

Here’s the trailer for Season 1 of “Tuca & Bertie,” which is now available on Netflix. But Season 2 will only be seen on Adult Swim.