Back in January, it was reported that a bidding war had begun over who would land the rights to a potential TV series, “Under the Skin,” inspired by the novel and film of the same name. In the mix were A24 and Silver Reel production companies, with both apparently really excited about the prospect of bringing the sci-fi series to life. Well, according to Deadline, it appears we now have a winner and the company is ready to move full steam ahead on adapting “Under the Skin” for TV audiences.

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The report claims that Silver Reel is the company that has landed the rights to bring “Under the Skin” to TV screens in the future. “Under the Skin” tells the story of an alien (played by Scarlett Johansson in the film directed by Jonathan Glazer) that stalks her male prey in Scotland.

And while we don’t know exactly what shape the TV series will take, the CEO of the production company is confident that the new show will please both fans of the original novel and those who know the film. The new series is expected to follow the novel, written by Michel Faber, Silver Reel CEO Claudia Bluemhuber said that the “Under the Skin” TV adaptation will be “very respectful” to the acclaimed film. Not only that, but Bluemhuber also says that they’re already moving forward with trying to land writers for the new iteration.

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“We have writers in mind and we are talking to the various agencies for writers at the moment. We would like the writer to be British,” she said.

Obviously, with the rights just being won by Silver Reel and no writers signed to adapt the novel, it’s way too early to know when we might see an “Under the Skin” TV series or what platform the show might debut on. However, this is already one of our more anticipated new series in development, as it should be very interesting to see how Silver Reel crafts the series.

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For those that haven’t seen the film version of “Under the Skin,” you can watch the trailer below.