One of the major criticisms lobbed at AMC’sThe Walking Dead” is how the series hasn’t really evolved. Buried under the blood, zombies, and caked-on dirt is the same formula that has ruled the series over the course of the last decade. Even when the network unveiled the first spin-off, “Fear the Walking Dead,” it became aware that the new series was going to suffer the same formulaic fate of its predecessor. Well, with ‘World Beyond,’ AMC is hoping to change everything.

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As seen in the new teaser for the latest ‘Walking Dead’ spin-off series, titled “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” the show doesn’t follow the same characters you know or the current timeline of the apocalypse. Instead, ‘World Beyond,’ ventures into the future, showing what happens when the first generation of kids who grew up in the zombie apocalypse become young adults. Spoiler alert, they still kill zombies.

And perhaps the most surprising aspect of the new teaser is the fact that we see Julia Ormond unveiled as someone who appears to be the overarching villain for the series, as she and her troops are decked out in black and seem to be promoting some sort of evil agenda. You know, because it’s ‘Walking Dead’ and the shows always have to show that the real evil forces…are the living. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn. Ormond is no stranger to TV productions, having won an Emmy for her role in the TV movie “Temple Grandin” and nominated for another in her role on “Mad Men.”

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There’s no official release date set for ‘World Beyond,’ but AMC is teasing a spring 2020 launch for the new series. The first episode is directed by none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts and has a ton of buzz as potentially the most exciting thing to happen to the franchise in years.