nullIf somehow you still watched The Independent Spirit Awards late last night, despite the winners being announced hours earlier, then this is old news. But if you're like most of us and didn't, well here's a little bit of catch-up before the Oscars roll out in just a few hours.

The opening sketch and monologue by host Andy Samberg has made its way online, and while it's not his greatest hour, there are some good laughs to be had. Things start off with a sketch, a trailer for the indie "Bottle Cap" with appearances from Marisa Tomei and JK Simmons among others. As for Samberg's intro to the show, it's a hit and miss affair, and his biggest laugh is for a joke about one of last year's nominees, "Shame." But hey, it's still worth a spin if you're impatiently waiting for tonight's festivities, so give it a spin below.