The Edge

NBC’s newest medical drama “The Night Shift” has been destroyed by critics as nothing more than a stitched-together mess of clichés, and though the show will only air its second ever episode tonight, we’re fairly certain that at some point this season the hot shot doctor will be pounding away at someone’s chest, screaming “Don’t die on me!” While you’ve no doubt seen that exact scenario play out before, have you ever wondered just how many times that line’s been said? Well, the folks at Supercut Online (via Vulture) have compiled a handy supercut for you.

Spanning 35 films over a variety of genres, the nearly two-minute supercut covers everything from the 2003 Civil War drama “Cold Mountain” to the legendary 1997 Nicolas Cage classic, “Con Air.” The list is obviously incomplete but it still gives a taste of the expansive reach that “Don’t die on me” has on the public consciousness. Watch the supercut below.