'Wind River: The Next Chapter': Kari Skogland To Direct A Sequel To Taylor Sheridan's Film

With Taylor Sheridan out there ruling the world with his “Yellowstone” empire, it’s clear that studios are going to want to hitch their wagons to the filmmaker. One of those studios is Castle Rock Entertainment, which just announced plans for a sequel to “Wind River.”

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According to Castle Rock Entertainment, the studio is developing a new film, titled “Wind River: The Next Chapter,” which as the title suggests, is in fact the next chapter in the story of “Wind River.” The 2017 film is written and directed by Sheridan and stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. Outside of the title and one returning actor, that’s really where the similarities between the original and the sequel begin and end.

‘The Next Chapter’ is set to be directed by “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” helmer, Kari Skogland. The film will be written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman. And perhaps most interesting is the news that actor Martin Sensmeier is set to reprise his role as Chip Hanson in the new film. Sensmeier is no stranger to the world of Sheridan, having also starred in the “Yellowstone” spinoff series, “1883.”

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Here’s the synopsis for the sequel:

In Wind River: The Next Chapter, terror has escalated on the Wind River reservation as a series of ritualistic murders remain unsolved. The FBI enlists Chip Hanson, a newly minted tracker for the U.S. Fish & Game, who becomes embroiled in a desperate and dangerous fight between the authorities, a vigilante, and the Reservation he calls home.

One thing to note, the official press release for the new film doesn’t actually list Taylor Sheridan as involved in this film in any way. Not even as an executive producer. Perhaps this is an oversight and will be fixed in the future, but it’s worth noting that the man who wrote and directed the original “Wind River” has seemingly nothing to do with ‘The Next Chapter.’

A release date for ‘The Next Chapter’ has yet to be revealed.